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With the wisdom of Ancient China we’re more than just the latest fad.

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Can this ancient tea help improve Australia’s heart health?


Order your Yunnan Tuocha Tea now to experience 3000 years of wisdom and good health.

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I love the Tuocha tea Original!

I was introduced to the Tuocha tea by a friend and I quite liked the flavour. It has this earthy taste to it which is unlike your bitter taste to green tea or black tea. I like having a cup after a meal, i feel that it helps with the digestion of my food. I would recommend to anyone who love a nice cup of tea to try Yunnan Tuocha!

Nish Mohun

I’m a convert and recommend it!

“I tried this tea (and bought a pack) at an Exhibition recently, I love it and have just ordered more. I like it as a milder flavour so I put one teabag in a teapot in the morning and refill when approx half full, several times over the day. By the end of the day it is very mild but I like the hydrating effect and prefer it to plain water.

I gave up coffee about 10 months ago and was a tea drinker but decided to stop caffeine for a while and now I’m used to it and am not missing it. The Ginseng tea is just right for my tastes. I’m a convert and recommend it.”