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Fact found by Professor Bernard Jacotot

Studies have shown that Tuocha has a significant effect on cholesterol levels. Two significant studies, one in China and one in France, showed Tuocha to be as effective in lowering cholesterol levels as mainline cholesterol medications. The first, conducted by Professor Bernard Jacotot of Henri-Mondor Hospital in Creteil, France, studied twenty patients with high cholesterol. Professor Jacotot treated these patients with a special tonic: Yunnan Tuocha tea. He served the patients three cups of Tuocha each day for 20 days, while a control group received a different tea.

The results were striking. At the end of the 20-day study, the patients who had been treated with the Tuocha tea showed a 22 percent reduction in their cholesterol levels. The control group showed no change.

Fact found by Kunming Medical College

The second test, conducted by the Department of Internal Medicine at Kunming Medical College in Yunnan province, showed similar results. But, this time, the study made a direct comparison between Tuocha and modern medications. Eighty-six patients were studied, and they were divided into two groups. Those in the first group, as in the previous study, were given Tuocha tea three times each day. The control group patients were treated with standard cholesterol lowering medications, but received no tea.

Both groups significantly lowered their cholesterol during the study’s two-month period. The medication group lowered their cholesterol by an average of 66.67 percent, compared to 64.29 percent for the Tuocha group. These are stunning results. Not only did Tuocha match the results of the medications, but it’s completely safe. Unlike cholesterol lowering medications, there are no unwanted side effects to worry about with Tuocha. Instead, as Tuocha helps lower your cholesterol, it also provides many other health benefits.