Healthy Heart

Can this ancient tea help improve Australia’s heart health?

According to The Heart Foundation, heart disease kills more Australians than any other disease. High Blood Cholesterol is a risk factor connected to the hardening and blocking of arteries which can lead to a number of problems including heart attacks.

The ancient Tibetans had the belief that Tuocha from Yunnan Province had the ability to help eliminate the effects of fat from a diet rich in animal meats. We believe our tea, Yunnan Tuocha has the ability to breakdown and reduce the bad fats in your body and therefore play it’s part in helping you maintain a healthy heart.

Two early preliminary studies conducted in the 1980’s on Yunnan Tuocha suggest that our tea does have a positive impact on reducing blood cholesterol levels. One study in China and one in France.

Now it is fair to say that what people drank and ate in France and China in the 1980’s was a lot different to modern day Australia; so that combined with modern lifestyles, cultural differences, and genetics would very likely see different results now, but they are worth noting.

The First Study

Conducted by Professor Bernard Jacotot, of Henri-Mondor Hospital in Creteil, France.

Twenty patients with high cholesterol were put into a control group where the Professor Jacotot  treated them with Yunnan Tuocha. He served the patients three cups of Yunnan Tuocha each day for 20 days, while another control group were given a different tea.

The results at the end of the 20-day study saw the patients who had been treated with Yunnan Tuocha showed on average a 22% reduction in their cholesterol levels, while the other control group showed no change.




The Second Study

Conducted by the Department of Internal Medicine at Kunming Medical College in Yunnan province.

This study showed better results when conducted over 2 months. This time however the study also made a direct comparison between Yunnan Tuocha and a standard cholesterol lowering medication. Eighty-six patients were divided into two groups and studied. Those in the first group, as in the previous study, were given Yunnan Tuocha three times each day. The control group patients were treated with the standard cholesterol lowering medication but received no tea.

Both groups significantly lowered their cholesterol during the study’s two-month period. The medicated group lowered their cholesterol by an average of 66.67 percent, compared to 64.29 percent for the Yunnan Tuocha group – obviously this suggest that our natural tea could potentially be almost as effective as medication.


Enjoy drinking Yunnan Tuocha, you may be able to avoid medication!